My New Mooslim Friend

Amanda has a new friend! Here’s the story of when they first met!

the day the new mooslim girl came to class mrs clark intoduced her and asked the class if we knew anything about the mooslim religion. i know a lot about false religions, so I informed the class that mooslims are a brown race from mooslim country who worship an elefant god named ganisha. they dont celebrate christmas like normal people, there equivalent is called ramada inn, and their jesus is called ibraham. the only ways to get into mooslim heaven are to either kill a virgin or blow yourself up

Edit: link is dead unfortunately, and if you’re reading this please don’t take it seriously. The piece above is a joke!

6 thoughts on “My New Mooslim Friend

  1. Totally false !

    1- Most of moosilmins are browns, we have blongs and black too.
    2- Our prophet is Muhammed.
    3- We don’t celebrate christams and we are still norma, japanses, chiniese, afircain don’t celebrate it, it’s a catholic celebration nothing to do with our religion, we celebreate Aid El fitr, Aid Al Kabir.
    3- There are many ways to get to heaven : just do what is good, respect the others , keep the faith and you’ll certainly be praise with the ethernal paradise.

    You should take a deeper look into islam, you seem to be complety off topic !

  2. Yes its true that our mooslim profit Mohammed (or Moohamood if you are in brown mooslim country like Pakistan) had 22 wives (depite him preaching that mooslims can only have 4 wives max, but then he knew more about mooslim).

    Also our mooslim profit Moohamood at the age of 54 married a 6 year old girl called Aisya and he then had sex wid her. He called her his favourite wife. Nice one.

    And finally as though that was not enough our profit Moohamood asked his step son to divorce his wife so that he could marry her.

    Moohamood Halal
    Hijab City
    Mooslim Republic of Pakistan.

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