7 thoughts on “Cat Herders eds.com Advert

  1. It’s the best! There were three ads released around the same time. Cat herders, running with the squirrels, and building an airplane in flight. “As long as I have legs I will run with the squirrels!” 🙂

  2. LOST 4th JAN


    Black & white CAT – female 2 years old medium size & short haired.

    Circumstances:It was a RTA (car hit it) on Herbert Road Bray co Wicklow on 4th jan.A stranger then called to a neighbour took a green towel and said he would bring it to vet on old conna rd.It never arrived and of the dozens of vets contacted no trace of it.It had rear leg trauma.Stranger unknown.

    Anybody with information please contact

    086 8865487

  3. Black and White Cat Female: May have had kittens or has just lost weight (pouch hanging down under her tummy) White long socks on back legs and white covering on front paws. White nose and mouth area and chest. Very friendly, seemed timid at first but must be used to home life as loves the house. Found in Stoneybatter 9th June

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