My Meteor – why don't you work in Firefox?

There’s only 3 mobile phone companies in Ireland, Vodafone, O2 and Meteor. I’ve been a customer of each and am currently with Meteor. That might change however as their newly redesigned website doesn’t work properly in Firefox. They offer 300 free texts from their site but when one hits the “SEND” button nothing happens.
If you’re a Meteor user mail with your phone number and your PIN, or 3 phone numbers you’ve rung in the past month (for verification).
Ask them politely to fix their website so it works in Mozilla Firefox! The Javascript error I get is,

Error: window.smsForm has no properties
Source File:
Line: 295

Oh, and last time I checked, Vodafone’s website offers 300 texts a month and it did work in Firefox.
Later – Niall suggested entering your text message, phone number, and instead of hitting “SEND” copy and paste the following code into the URL address bar and press return: javascript:window.document.smsForm.submit();
Now how hard is that for Meteor to fix?

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  1. my company currently uses o2 for our mobiles, but i just found out that meteor’s coverage has gotten much better the past few months. since our company has offices in several locations several of our employees use o2’s web sms interface to copy emails and the like to folks on the road.

    due to corporate policy, we do not allow employees to use internet explorer (and in fact several of our employees use systems that do not support internet explorer). i’ve been told that meteor’s web interface only supports ie. is this correct?

    if not, what other browsers are supported? on our linux systems we use firefox and browsers based on firefox. on other linux systems and on pda’s and on mobiles we use opera and derivatives. are any of these supported? i can get more complete version info if required.

    thanks for any info you might have on this,


  2. Here’s something that’s quite funny. I heard of this problem from a friend of mine so being as untrusting as I am I went to test it, that or I just forgot.

    I hit the smiley button (think I might’ve been the :/ one) and *BAM* it sends.

    Erm… What? 🙂 The send button does not respond but one of those lovely smileys sure as hell does.

    It may not work right but it does work at least. Hadn’t noticed the 300 free messages thing. Nice to see a bit of cop on there finally.

    Would be nice to see the site fully functional (properly that is).

  3. I tried that trick halenger but it didn’t work unfortunately. Niall’s suggestion still works so I may copy that line of js into a file for easy reference.

  4. Hrm… Odd that it didn’t work. I just tested it there on 0.9.3 and the “:-/” definately sends. I got the message on my phone successfully. It does say 30 messages, or did. Now it says 29, um… and now 28. So it’s definately counting from 30. Dunno what’d happen if it hit 0.

  5. Ah, I’m running 1.0 so there’s something odd happening between those versions!
    Here’s what I see on the Meteor site, there’s definitely 300 free texts! I still hold out hope that they can fix the site.

  6. hi i tried to register my phone with meteir it said confirm after i filled all the answers in i did nothin happened an d guess what i received no free credit either i tried again today to register and now there is an error i cannot even get in to that part of the website it is nearly than the worst website in the world dundalk i.t meteor have sorted out there coverage now its time tom sort out there website
    nicola ;0 i didnt even know about the free messages so thanks xxxxx

  7. The latest back from Meteor:

    Dear Donncha,

    Thank you for your email. I have spoken to my colleagues in the technical team and they have confirmed that we will not be supporting Firefox at this time.

    My apologies for any inconvenience caused

    If you have any further queries please contact us

    Kind Regards
    Claire Tighe
    Customer Care Department
    Meteor Mobile Communications

    So, Meteor don’t care to make one little change to their website. Bah!

  8. Any time I try to send tones or other stuff, it keeps coming up on my phone that I have no GPRS network. I have already got my GPRS settings over phone.

  9. Hi guys, just came across this while looking if there is any clue out on the web that this free meteor->meteor txts and mms are still available when topping up more than EUR 20 a month. However, regarding the web txt interface, it works for me (firefox 1.0 on SuSE 9.1) – only that I have to click the right-most smiley button once, can delete the smiley then and hey … the send button works, even for subsequent web txts.

  10. Thanks Sven for the clear explanation – I guess it’s the same as that suggested by Halenger but I got it working this time! I’ll email meteor support and tell them 🙂

  11. Send this email or something alone these lines to Meteor and help get Meteor to change their website for the better!The more of us that email Meteor the more inclined they are to start doing something about this problem.

    Dear Webmaster,

    Your site does not support the Mozilla browser or other browsers based upon the Gecko Layout engine such as Netscape 6, Netscape 7, AOL for Mac OS X, CompuServe 7, Galeon, and Camino(TM).By following the ECMA recommendations for ECMAScript (JavaScript) and the W3C recommendations for HTML, CSS, and the DOM (Document Object Model) in your content, your site will work with these next-generation browsers as well as other browsers that support open standards such as IE6. When will Meteor be supporting the Mozilla browsers?

    Kind Regards

    Phone number:
    Pin :

  12. yeah i have the same problem with firefox, its so annoying!! i have to go into internet expoler to use the meteor free txt and I hate internet explorer!! metoer have to something about this!!!

  13. Right, the issue with the meteor site is that the javascript code is plain wrong.
    But here’s a fix:
    Add a bookmark to the bookmark toolbar that points to:


    Then go to the meteor site, type out your message and then click that bookmark to send it.

  14. rite, regarding the meteor problem with the free txts, you have to type in the number that you want to send the message to, hit return and then click send. works every time for me!

  15. It still doesn’t work in Firefox 1.0 for me. What version are you running? Regardless, there is a problem and Meteor have let us down by refusing to fix it.

  16. What charlie said is true, you can send webtexts from Mozilla Firefox 1.0 … When you want to send a msg Type in the phone number and then press the Return/Enter button (a smiley is inserted at the end of your msg, like so :-){you can remove the smile}and then click on Send. It sends every time. any questions email me

  17. i recently switched from vodafone to meteor but i kept my vodafone mobile and number. the problem is i dont have any wap and i cant send or recieve pictures, how do i fix this??

  18. Heather, if you’re still having trouble with WAP, just give them a buzz and they’ll send you the settings. Alternatively, you can get them sent to your phone by logging in at and cicking on Download Settings. It took a while for mine to start working but be warned, Meteor WAP prices seem fairly expensive.

  19. I found a handy little utility on the net. It enables you to send your 300 free texts form your desktop. I have been using it now for some time with and it works great. There is no need to use your browser because it is a stand alone prog, no instalation. Just configure it with your mobile number and your pin. Much faster than opening FireFox or IE. It works with, O2 Ireland, Vodafone Ireland,and Meteor Ireland.

    The prog is called MultiText, I think it is written by some Irish students and it’s free. I found it by chance. Just Google MultiText and I am sure you will find it. If the moderator of this blog wants to email me I will send him the Url.

    Kind Regards.

  20. Hey all,

    I have a different problem – it seems. It’s with the *whole* Web SMS service provided by Meteor. I consider it a shame to our highly IT literate nation that since 13-08-2006 none of my problems with the service have been resolved.

    Please look at for an idea of what my issues are.

    If you want to take part in a campaign on this, please text METEOR to 086-8138823 (so I can get your number) or send an email (contents irrelevant) with only the word METEOR as the subject (so I can get your mail address) to I promise not to abuse the numbers or addresses!

    NB: If you know others willing to join in, please let them know. I want to be in the position to say ‘Go’ to a large group of people who will simultaneously complain and get Meteor to get off it’s a***!

    Paddy power rules!!!



  21. hi i cant remember my pin i got with my phone only the new 1 i put in now i cant use my 300 free txtes

  22. Phoned Meteor for unlock code but they have been unable to create NOKIA unlocking codes for last 4 months and counting!

  23. cant check email and i am with meteor for a while now, would be grateful for your help. thank u

  24. Rita ring customer care with your last 3 dialled numbers and they should give you your password. I went to meteor store to sign up for meteor bill-pay last week but they wanted a deposit! After 5 years as a customer i’m not paying them €300 deposit for a €100 phone!! “3” network have infinitely better choice of handsets and much better value tariffs.

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