Carl Zeiss – Silvarem 6×30

Years ago my father inherited an old pair of binoculars from his father. I have them now and did a quick search and then an image search and found this history, and here as well as a product listing.

Between 1907 and 1914 Zeiss listed at least five 6x 30 mm binoculars in production: “Jagdglas”, “Silvarem”, “Silvamar”, “Maringlas”, and a military “D.F. 6×20” with the D.F. indicating Doppelfernrohr (literally “far from double pipe”).

The first Zeiss 6 x 30 model, ‘Marineglas’, appeared shortly after
the Pernox, and featured the Zeiss patent increased distance between the objectives. This was later named the Silvamar (IF) and Silvarem (CF), available after about 1910.
After the expiration of the Zeiss patent, the Goerz ‘Marine-Trieder’ and the ‘Marinefernglas 09’ were brought to the market, see fig. 195. [page 285] There are no essential differences between these and the Zeiss marine models with the same magnification.

A paper from February 1908 described some early Zeiss models:
‘Your Honor. We present to you with polite reference to the repeated recommendations concerning the Marine-Model of the Zeiss binocular on the part of the state secretary of the Marine Office (for example, on the 27th of September 1907); enclosed, a prospectus and order form apropos the military models of the Zeiss field glass. We take the liberty to point out that the two military models: D.F. 6 x 21 and D.F. 6 x 30 are officially introduced to the German Navy, and show the D.F. 6 x 21 for the Naval-Infantry (with W. IIb 12649 of March 28, 1907), and the D.F. 6 x 30, for use on board (with W IIb 9602 of July 22 07 and H. IIa 8453 of September 27, 1907). Furthermore, you might be interested in the fact that we have, since beginning production of our field glass, or about 14 years, sold so far more than 130,000 at a steadily increasing rate.
Sincerely, Carl Zeiss, Jena. February 1908’

It was first manufactured shortly after 1910, and was used by the German army in World War 2! Production stopped in 1975.
Does anyone know anything about these binoculors?
Looks like they’re pre-WWII, Brian noticed that “Made in Germany” is printed on the case!
Here’s a picture I found:

4 thoughts on “Carl Zeiss – Silvarem 6×30

  1. I should have mentioned that they are “frozen” up. I finally got the two barrels to move, ‘tho it takes a lot of muscle, but I can’t get the focusing adjustmant to tern despite lotsa WD-40 and REM oil.

    Any thoughts?

  2. I have one. I’m sending it to be reconditioned. This is one of the best images I’ve ever seen. The optics are excellent. I also can not find information about it on the Internet.

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