Budget 2005

Today’s Budget Day in Ireland, here’s the main points of the Budget. Looks like a slight pay increase thanks to his increasing the standard rate band by €1,400! 🙂
That €40 tax on credit cards has been fixed – it’ll now be possible to change your credit cards without paying the tax multiple times in one year!

‘course what he forgot was the following…

<ghoti> taxes on new cars will be raised by 35%
<ghoti> they’re reintroducing property taxes.
* pron contemplates gagging ghoti
<doc|work> are you serious about car taxes?
<Stewie> doc|work: it’s ghoti
<doc|work> Stewie, i’m not around here all that often 🙂
<doc|work> seriously though?
<ghoti> doc|work: no, i’m just trying to scare people.
<moonbeam> what happened with car tax?
<pron> nothing yet
<Stewie> moonbeam: it trebled
<Stewie> they’re sick of all the accidents with the luas, so anyone with a car registered in the greater dublin area has to pay a 2000 EUR a year bond before they can get car tax
<Stewie> if you don’t have an accident with a luas, you get your 2K back in 5 years time
<murble> Stewie: with interest?
<bigbro> Stewie: Are you making this up?
<Stewie> murble: with interest deducted, yes
<loki> Stewie: that a bit steep.
<ghoti> murble: yes, they look interested when they pay it back to you.
<Stewie> bigbro: of course not
<pron> bigbro: of course not
<bigbro> Stewie: Good way to raise investment capital…
<murble> bigbro: i’d imagine car dealers will be a bit pissed off.
<Stewie> also, if you do have an accident with a luas, you have to get new license plates with “I’m a luas fscker” written on them
<Stewie> bigbro: have I given it away yet?
<bigbro> Stewie: Better would be “Fully licensed – but can’t fscking drive!”
<ectoraige> You mean they haven’t gone with mortars targeting the yellow boxes?
<ghoti> people lying about the budget. tut-tut.

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