I want AutoBR back!

WordPress doesn’t support autobr. I want to turn it off for my “Pic Of The Day” posts as the Javascript used gets confused by <br>.
I should have written a Smarty modifier to display those pictures in the first place, but now I’ll probably delve into WordPress plugins and hook into the_content() to do the same.




4 Replies to “I want AutoBR back!”

  1. So, it’s all or nothing then? All comments have them or not?
    After looking around the backend I realised that using the custom fields functionality is probably where I should be putting the referernce to picoftheday.
    Ooh.. Smartyised the comments form! Fairly simple but it annoyed me that some of the comment functions used global to pass parameters. I had to write a small Smarty plugin that “globalises” a Smarty variable.

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