WordPress, Smarty and Multi-Blogs

My Smarty powered and mult-blog capable version of WordPress is now running on this site. It’s not perfect at all, but I have a simple script that exports the current blogs here to the WP table format. This blog content lives there already!
I really need to get Smarty caching going soon however!
Link coming in a few days, but TBH, it’s simple to find if you think about it 🙂
Later … Caching’s working, based on URL and user_ID, WordPress developers, is that enough to key the cache by? Also figured out that I need to sanitize_title() all my post titles into post_name before permalinks will work! Doh!

3 thoughts on “WordPress, Smarty and Multi-Blogs

  1. Found the links 🙂 It’s looking good !!

    Do you plan to add the same register user functionality as the one you made for b2++ (“register and get a blog”) ?

  2. Yes, there will be a registration page.
    On my TODO list:
    I have to disable some of the settings in the backend – I don’t want people trying to change their blog address. That’s silly and will cause the blog to stop working!
    I need to translate b2++ urls to WordPress urls. Shouldn’t be *too* hard but it’ll probably only be for the main index page. Not sure if it’s worth redirecting comment/trackback/pingback links?
    Get more plugins working. The blo.gs one needs a mod in the backend too.
    Oh yeah, and there’s links to the new site in the referer links below. Doh!

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