Yum, Yum, delicious links, and others from a fevered mind

Barry Mason actually makes the Dublin Spire look interesting! A feat in and of itself, but he has some other great photos on his site.
Bonus Print could be the cheapest online digital photo service in Ireland now that Spectra Photo have upped their prices.
The Top 10 Digital Photography Mistakes – Silly, obvious mistakes, but I do some of them, maybe you do. Yes, that is microsoft.com that I’m linking to!
Normalization Rules – I fell asleep doing this stuff at college, now I find it insanely interesting, how crazy is that?
A Modern Herbal – I’ve taken a keen interest in my health over the last few weeks. If your stomach’s healthy, then all other things being equal and well you’ll feel good. Must glance at later.
Ouch! – someone looking for attention?
Crazy UI development here. WTF looks like it deserves a return visit!
Information Routing – The first paragraph grabbed me.
Producing Quality CSS in a Team Environment – must read.
delicious mp3 has lots of music orientated links. Some to harvest later!

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