The SBPost and Me!

about 10 days ago a journalist from the Sunday Business Post rang asking me about Linux in TradeSignals. A brief interview followed, but then 2 days later a photographer called out and took a picture of me stuggling with a laptop while smiling bravely. I prefer being on the other side of the camera..
Those of you who didn’t buy the newspaper on Sunday are spared the picture of me, and the article (unfortunately), but there is an article about a CEO who tried Linspire on his laptop and was surprised to find it easy to install and use.
They also put their obligitory Microsoft FUD article online too which is a bit disappointing as it’s quite misleading and repeats the usual MS line. Oh well!
Later… This was mentioned on The ILUG mailing list on Sunday, and here too, along with some more thought about the pro-Microsoft article.

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