Photographing Events and Demonstrations

Now this is an interesting article, especially considering the weekend just past. I’ll be posting photos later, but there was none of the trouble seen in Dublin down here in Cork. Photos to come later.
I spotted a couple of excellent photos from the demonstrations in the papers yesterday and things looked a little out of hand up there. Anyone outside the Phoenix Park when those 28 protestors were arrested?
That article above is followed up by another with some more tips, advice, and an account of what happened on May Day 2000 in London. Great photos too!
(via Photography Blog)

2 thoughts on “Photographing Events and Demonstrations

  1. hey donncha,

    from what I’ve heard from various people, I think the trouble was greatly exagerrated — the guards had been building it up for weeks, and had a brand new water cannon they were dying to try out. 😉

  2. Well, it was certainly exagerrated in the media in the run up to May Day! I suppose I saved my camera getting a potential soaking by that cannon!
    I promised photos, and I brought a CD into work with all my photos but it’s a coaster! You’ll all have to wait until tomorrow for my photos of Fred, Micha, and the crowds in Cork!

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