Yahoo or Google?

Dave, I must read your blog more often!
Your post about Yahoo gave me pause for thought. I tried a search for xeer c64 on Yahoo and Google and I knew they should return links to my old homepage on Geocities. Both did, but I couldn’t discern any bias on Yahoo from this simple search. If there is one, I’m going to update my old site with new links straight away!
That Tab Browser Extension is nice. Well worth installing!

One thought on “Yahoo or Google?

  1. Well I only had two searches so it isn’t exactly a statistically significant discrepancy I found. I just commented on it because it was the first two searches I tried!

    I found an interesting search that I prefer the Yahoo results for – Weblog [Yahoo] [Google]

    Yahoo tells you what a weblog is and where to get one, whereas Google seems to send you to the most popular. The Yahoo way would be my prefered search result.

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