Radio VCR

While in Chicago I used to record The Last Word to my PC using Mplayer, and listen to Radio 1 in “realtime” over the Internet. Well, I did this until I got bored of hearing the same news on each channel, except on a Friday when the 6-7pm slot on TodayFM went all sporty, and I’d listen to Radio 1.
Justin found a guy who’s recording radio using a voice-codec that encodes at 16Kbps. That would have been handy in the US!
What I should have recorded of course is:

  • The Full Irish on 2FM in the morning.
  • Marian Finucan on Radio 1 from 9am to 10am.
  • Ray D’Arcy on TodayFM
  • The 1pm news on Radio 1
  • TodayFM from 2pm onwards
  • Joe Duffy’s show on Radio 1 at 2pm would be more interesting as I could fast-forward through it!

Maybe next time I’m over I’ll do that!

By Donncha

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hehe. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and to be honest, he’s beginning to grate on my nerves too! I used to be a huge Ian Dempsey fan but I’ll probably listen to Radio 1 in the morning before TodayFM, simply for the fix of news and discussion.

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