Vodafone.ie doesn't like Mozilla Firebird

Argh! Vodafone.ie doesn’t like Mozilla Firebird! I tried to change my tariff from the awfully expensive one it was at. (set a year ago, and forgot to change, it’s not even available now!)
Using Moz FB I get the following error:

You have selected a Text Add On.

In order for your request to be processed you must select one of our new Tariff options from the Tariff Table.

Of course I had selected one of the new tariff options and I hadn’t selected the “Text Add On”. I had to resort to IE on a Windows box nearby. Why can’t they get simple forms and radio buttons right and cross-browser compatible? Silly, silly, silly.
Must mail webmasterATvodafone.ie about that one methinks.

3 thoughts on “Vodafone.ie doesn't like Mozilla Firebird

  1. I am trying to use the latest Firefox, but Vodafone.ie still is complaining about it with my mailbox, arrgh! They say they don’t support firefox, little do they know they dont have to, just make their website conform to W3C standards!

  2. Firefox is the most brilliant web browser in the universe, but I usually have problems that things that work on firefox don’t work on ie, especially ie 7. I would say the problem with the Vodaphone website is related to that, especially considering the majority of web users (the uninformed), use ie.

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