UFOs in Cork?

So, after Spanish class last night, I wandered up Patrick’s Hill (in the car, walking up there is a burden I can do without!) to take some photos of the North Side. I snapped a few shots before running back to the car out of the cold, cursing myself for not bringing a scarf or a warmer coat!
Later when I examined the photos I noticed a trail of what looks like smoke in one of the shots just behind the Cathedral. In the next shot taken a few seconds later it’s missing. What could it be? Conspiracy theories and outragous comments welcome! 🙂
Photo information: Pictures taken 2-3 seconds apart, 2 second exposure, F2.0, ISO 100, Exposure Value 0.0

8 thoughts on “UFOs in Cork?

  1. I ve seen IT just jesterday (18/7/2006) with friend having a fag no balcony. he has seen little more, but dos not want to tell anyone. I HAVE TO SAY IT TO ANYONE because I hope someone have seen it too. We sow exactly the same thing forom the moment I lookt on the sky. It seemd like very bright stars, mooving fast but very far in formation (bit like plain except for bliking)and in about 2 seconds it got not far. There were 5 objects … I seen 5 which were not shining but a LOT brighter than sky. They stoped for a moment and then kind of changed places but exteremly fast and in 3D. It was smooth motion which was just unbeliveble. This all heapend at about 23:00. 2 witneses seen the same!!! IT IS TRUE! we were not stoned or anything. If anyone seen something like it at that time PLEASE … pretty please let me know (0863100194). I we seen it from appartment on the other side of the river at Cork opera house. appologize my spelling … i am not irish but I am true

  2. I saw the same streak of smoke over kildare skies a few weeks ago moving southwards same as observed over Patrick’s Hill Cork. It was probably a jet stream but I have nevered observed one before in the dark,that curved,that wide or moving that fast!

  3. on the 16th of october at about 11 till 12 me and my friends saw some extremely unexplainable things happening.some almost too strange to contemplate.it would be so hard for me to explain by typing.but when we realized that it was something strange it shone a high powered beam of energy light at us that was actually possible to feel physicaly like a wave.we were in ireland,west cork near bantry.up in scart over the vaughns pass and could see it on a not too far away hill in the drimoleague direction but close to where we were not near to drimoleague but just in that direction.if ANYONE saw it aswel they will know it was something not of this world.if you have please reply to this comment.thank you

    1. Man me and my mates have been up the mountains over coomhola a few times recently and we’ve seen some crazy stuff, i have some of it on video-camera that i captured tonight, Like a pulsating ball of plasma with a high intensity beam and small orbs zipping around it, also orbs shooting in one direction then stopping dead and shooting back the way they came, energy beam spotlights were shining all over the valley and mooving at speeds and over areas unsurpassable by any vehice and when it shone on us, you got this immensely powerfull yet undiscribable feeling. we’re planning on trying to capture it on film again soon.

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