Digital Black and White

This is a good article covering some of the issues the b/w photographer will come across when using digital “film”. There’s so much here I need to have another read of this later to digest it and experiment with photos at home. The site also has several other good photography how-to documents, and is well worth a visit.

Regular readers may notice the slight change in the site design here. That photos above is a panorama of 6 photographs stitched together. It covers a major portion of Cork City, and the North Side of the city. I’m not 100% happy with it yet and it may be pruned slightly as I crop and compose it for the best effect.
Now, does anyone know a shop that’ll print a very large copy of that picture on photo paper?

3 thoughts on “Digital Black and White

  1. Did you make the panorama using Panorama Tools / PTGui? Or did you stitch it together by hand? It looks quite smooth, which means either you used PT, or you spent aaaaaaaaages tweaking it 😉 Not that you dont spend ages tweaking with PTGui either :/

  2. It was done in the GIMP and took about an hour.
    The hardest thing about joining the photos is getting the colour right. The light around Shandon (the steeple in the middle) was very blue, while the light to the right, around the North Chapel, was very red from the houses and street lights. Obviously you can’t see this in the monochrome version here, and that’s one reason I made it that way!
    Matching the photos in detail was difficult too, as the tripod, no matter how careful one is, is never level (and it was too cold for me to be messing with the water level on the thing!)
    I constructed the image from the left, and as I matched up photos the images had more and more white space underneath them. A quick crop at the end fixed that, and also let me concentrate on matching a slightly smaller area than I thought I’d have to. The two metal chimney stacks below Shandon didn’t match up without messing up the picture above it, crop the bottom out and it matched fine! 🙂

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