That old SPAM problem

I’ve just done what I should have done a long time ago – cleaned up the system addresses on our company mail server. Gone are addresses like bin, daemon, adm, lp, mail, mailman, games, and amanda. “Amanda”? That’s our backup software and only ever gets mail from an internal machine. I’ll direct them all to /dev/null eventually, but they’re collecting in /home/amanda/spam.txt for the time being.
Looking at this morning’s 1.5MB spam I counted a huge number of mails to amanda, so shutting that off should alleviate problems somewhat.
Before a certain resident of Co. Galway comments, only one spam got into my inbox this morning! I just hate seeing /home/docaoimh/spam.txt being bigger than /var/spool/mail/docaoimh – perhaps I should subscribe to more mailing lists again! 😉

2 thoughts on “That old SPAM problem

  1. I have Spam Assassin fairly well trained at this stage which is why only 1 spam got through!
    My strategy of directing system mails elsewhere is working. Only 17 spams in the last 4 hours or so, but 57 spams to the “system” addresses. They’ll be going to /dev/null or maybe directly into sa-learn possibly as early as tomorrow.

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