Top ten retail ripoffs exposed!

I’ve come across some of the things on this list and like many people been the victim of same. Even some of my friends in sales have explained some of these to me!

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Here’s a retail rip-off in the making. Right now its killing off honest merchants in the online lighting market:

We run a small semi-successful retail site selling lighting fixtures and here’s what we’ve been seeing lately:

A large competitor (CSNstores) lists the same product pages with the same content on 3 to 5 different websites. Their page content is almost identical from site to site and most of their web links are exact except for the domain name. In many cases this competitors multiple Google page 1 results are pushing other merchants results to page 2.

Consumers looking for choice in the online market are winding up purchasing from the same merchant, regardless of where they click. In my opinion CSNstores is practicing deceptive marketing.

Try Googling: quoizel GE5003SE
This is a popular lighting fixture. If you go through each of the natural results, (NOT THE SPONSORED ADS), you’ll see that most of the links go to websites that are “part of CSNstores”.

I’m wondering if they’ll raise their prices after driving off the competition?

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