The future of b2++

What’s happening? You’ve no doubt noticed updates from time to time on but no new release has been made in a long time, despite the fact that comment moderation and referer tracking is now in.
Spurred by Geoff (finally, sorry!), and others who have mailed I’d like to fill in some of the blanks:

  1. b2++ will most likely be consumed by WordPress. AFAIK, I’m the only user of b2++ on the WP dev team, so making the transition from b2++ to WP painless might be more trouble than debugging b2++ install problems for Windows users!
  2. After I released a mod for WP that added Smarty Template support there was a trickle of interest but I got bogged down by trying to do too much at the one time (making WP multi-blog aware) and I burned myself out. That and the fact that my personal life has been in major upheavel for the past 2 months. A few people know why I posted “Nothing Today” a month ago…
  3. I volunteered to help with WP, but frankly, the prospect of redoing the same work I did for b2++ is daunting and just a little bit uninteresting for me. Note the word, uninteresting – that’s a powerful motivator in a volunteer project. I know things things can be done better in WP as I’ll be able to knock ideas off the heads of the other WP developers.

Will there be another b2++ release? Not likely, fork it if you like, but chances are good that WP will have many of the features of b2++ in the next few months.
If you need a community blog site, then go for b2++. In the future I want to make WP as compatible with b2++ as possible, thus providing for an upgrade path.

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