Lots Today?

So much to say but not today.

Some photography links and discussions:

  • Apparently, the digital zoom on the Sony 717 is better than zooming and cropping in Photoshop!
  • Don’t you hate shutter lag and autofocus time? They’re annoying, but at least the autofocus and exposure setup time for an action shot can be removed by pre-focusing. Unfortunately you’re still left with shutter lag. Here’s a long discussion about this issue.
  • I read with interest an article by David Mc Williams in the SB Post last Sunday. In it he proposed that paying a mortgage is dead money, not paying rent. Yes, that’s sure to get up people’s noses!
  • Keith Barry caught a bullet in his teeth on television in front of a crowd. Amazing illusion, however he did it. Never mind the dodgy looking site, navigate in. They’ve a recording of his appearance on the Late Late which is probably worth downloading just to see Pat Kenny have the sh*t frightened out of him!
  • Film Degrain – a plugin for the Gimp. I tried this on one image and it worked quite well. It did make details a bit softer though so examine the photo carefully.
  • I got 50 digital images printed by Spectra Photo in town. It only cost me €9.50 for 6×4 prints. Quality is very good and I’ll get more printed there as it’s a quick overnight service! (and a dial-up line can’t compete with the bandwidth of a CD dropped into a shop!)

Damn, typing html links on a keyboard with broken left shitft and ctrl keys is really awkward!
Later … I thought something was wrong. I counted the photographs I had printed and only 39 were there. The first 10 on the CD hadn’t been printed! (I had burned 49 images.. ls -l|wc -l counts an extra line at the top of the ‘ls’ output) I can’t wait to hear what excuse they give for this! *mutter*

4 thoughts on “Lots Today?

  1. unrelated to all that, but if you want the smoking ban to happen you need to speak up. most td’s have email, and while a letter by post is probably more effective *something* is better then nothing. be polite, but be firm.

  2. after making the comment above i decided to email my td’s and express my support for the smoking ban. i’d done it months back but it seems they really need the support now. i got a call back this evening from one of the four td’s i emailed thanking me for my email. and he made the comment that it would be nice to hear from more people. he supports the ban but he’s getting a lot of feedback from people who aren’t.

    so if you support the ban, don’t sit on your ass and expect the politicians to do all the work for you. tell them you’re behind them.

  3. On Bullet Catch – Keith Barry walked away before the bullet was marked, AFAIR anyway. He also had his hands tied behind his back and had opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out at the gathered audience. Of course, there’s nothing stopping them having a staff member in the audience that marked the bullet in a particular way as outlined in the above page. Keith may have had the bullet under his tongue too.
    As the page above also admits, I think it’s better that we don’t know how it’s done, no matter how much we want to know. That takes all the magic out of the act!

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