2 thoughts on “I support the ban on smoking in the workplace

  1. God, you are crap. That kind of logo, the cigarette with the knot in it was used in a Government campaign a few years ago. I find the best place to find 20-25 year old posters on Government policy, is your local Garda Station, or Driving Test Centre, if we could get something a bit better, I’d certainly put it on my car/blog/bike. I think more public support would be a brilliant thing, an “I support the smoking ban” sticker for cars. Maybe you could get Solas to print some?

  2. Quitting smoking was one of the hardest thing to do in my life so far, but I succeed and can’t simply describe how it feels like to be free!

    Thanks a lot, Charlie R 😉

    PS. Ha! I also support the ban on smoking in the workplace, or at least… supported! 🙂

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