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Well done spammers, you finally discovered this site! I received 3 comment spams last night and others have been hit too. It was inevitable I suppose but now it’s time to take care of the problem.
There are so many methods of stopping this abuse of the site and they’ve been endlessly discussed in the blog world. I tried to pipe 2 of the spams to spamassassin but it doesn’t work too well unfortunately. Chances are, it won’t work when run as “nobody” either.
I’m opting for the method that keeps the CLUG and Webdev mailing lists free of spam: moderation. When someone posts a comment to your blog you will receive an email as normal with that comment, but it will also include a moderation link to validate or delete the spam. By default moderation will be turned on.
The next step would be a “registered user” mode so that regular visitors can register (with email validation) and post comments by-passing the moderation system.

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