Meeting up

Well, I’m off shortly to meet up with some distant relations here in Chicago. AFAIK, several of my great-grand-uncles moved to the States in the 20’s. Some moved to Chicago. I’m looking forward to meeting Pat and Linda tonight!
I took lots of photos at the weekend – The Chicago Air and Water Show was on over the last two days. Whatever about trying to capture the flight of a baseball, trying to track a figer jet as it zoomed past 400 feet away at 650mph is practically impossible!
I’m almost 100% sure I saw cloud form on the tail of one jet as it flew at that speed. Isn’t that what happens just after they go super-sonic? The bi-planes, and Hurricanes were a lot easier to photograph, and if I have time tomorrow I’ll post some pictures here.

The Chicago Waterfront

By Donncha

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Donncha, really sorry I didn’t get to meet up with you for a few brews, I felt like shit following on from the nightmare of the blackout till Sunday, and then I didn’t have access to a PC to get my mail or your number!

Your right, the Air Show was amazing, and yes, you did see a vortex forming around the jets, they were just verging on the speed of sound on a couple of occasions…what a show! 🙂

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