Last night I went walking

I walked from Bennigans on Michigan Avenue up to the John Hancock Building. Unfortunately, that was way too far as I meant to go over to Navy pier and meet Martina. I backtracked along the lakeshore and it was a nice evening..

This is the old Carbide & Carbon Building, dating back to 1928. The tower on this building has real gold leaf on it!

This is the view looking south along North Michigan Avenue.

This is taken from the side of the Wrigley Building. It’s almost 90 degrees to the prvious photo. This photo was hard to work on. Auto-levels wanted to add a green hue to the sky. so I manually adjusted it somewhat.

When I finally found my way to Navy Pier I wandered up the pier hoping to get a shot of the City Skyline. Alas, boats were moored, but I got a shot of this sailing ship against the bright lights of the city.

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