SCO – modem configuration

I know a hell of a lot more now about SCO than I did 24 hours ago. I know all about “Modem Manager”, /usr/lib/uucp/Devices and /usr/lib/uucp/Dialers – Argh! It’s so archaic! For those of you in the Windows world, imagine having to debug or use a Windows 3.1 application. That’s what SCO looked and felt like compared to the modern Linux systems I use everyday. Even a 4 year old Linux box is friendlier to the developer/user.
Finally, thank you Google for finding most of the information I needed. A few hints from a SCO applications developer in Dublin helped too. (“Have you tried 9600? Our modems have trouble connecting at different speeds” *ding*)
It was funny to see a Netscape icon on the desktop and ridiculous to see ncsa-httpd in the output of “ps”. Of course the guys in the office had no idea there was a webserver on the machine…
(Topic is Linux, close enough to Unix to not matter :P)

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