SCO Unix and PPP

<donncha> question… how hard d’you think it’d be to get dialup networking working on a SCO Unix box?
<pron> donncha: how long is a piece of string ?
<Baud> donncha: are you mad?
<pron> donncha: Seriously though … internal or external modem ?
<Zoso> donncha: dialup to or from the SCO box ?
<Baud> donncha: take a long period of time, double it, and it’ll be about a quarter of the time required
<Zoso> donncha: Well I’ve had to (i.e. not my choice) config & troubleshoot uucp dialup connections on SCO boxes 3 or 4 years ago and that certainly wasn’t fun
* elrond shudders at the very idea of trying to get a sco box doing PPP.
<pron> donncha: install Linux ?

By Donncha

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