Differences in the male & female orgasm

You’ll need Javascript to view this page that describes the differences between male and female orgasms. Safe for work! (via Dave)
The Sunday Times has a great article describing the male orgasm. Girls.. if you ever wanted to know what t’s like, Jonathan Margolis describes it very well! Although I do disagree that women have better ones than men!

5 thoughts on “Differences in the male & female orgasm

  1. The female orgasm is every woman’s right to enjoy as nature intended. Whether with partner or alone; with or without artificial aid.

    Unfortunately it’s seems that only the minority of women are able to enjoy this most natural of feminine pleasures. Not only that but the subject has become a debating point between the creationists and the evolutionists.

    I’ve tried to put together a lot of basic information and resource to help at my new website.

    There’s even an excellent scientific e-book on the subject, written from the practical rather than theoretical point of view, by Dr Irene Cooper, a professional sex therapist in the UK.

    Female Orgasm

    Linda Johnson

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