[ILUG] Linux for Government! . …

[ILUG] Linux for Government!

… might it be a worthwhile endeavour for those of us capable of making time to put together a pitch to an appropriate TD or committee about moving government systems to Open Source?

Very sucessful in South America (where they’re strapped for cash) and popular concept in Germany (where it promotes local industry, and the Germans are good at that). Scottish police force is going linux I think. Will never catch on in Ireland though. Read on to find out why… …Then on the flip side, why do you think Intel suddenly u-turned on their halted expansion in Ireland, in the face of huge cost savings to be made by moving to Malaysia, and it happening during the general election campaign, and NO political party taking responsibility. Something smells eh? Don’t get me started on Shannon…… We’re the 53’rd state, and you better believe it, plus we get money from the EU, damn, its so Irish.

Good thread on Open Source in Government, specifically the Irish Government.

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