looks at mobil … looks at mobile phones and cameras. Here in Europse, sending pictures is nice but it’s expensive. Ok, it’s useful too, I’ve posted pictures from my nokia 7650 here at least 3 times in the last month.
I got my phone bill yesterday and wasn’t prepared for the shock of the price of this new technology. Vodafone promised free access to Vodafone Live! for the month of January and part of February. I, and I presume most people, would guess that means free access to the Internet via their wap browser on the phone. Not so.
I was charged for downloading just over 6MB of data at 20c/kb. You do the math. All accesses to the Vodafone Live! website was free but as soon as I went to Google or downloaded .jar or .sis files from elsewhere the charges mounted up. Time for me to monitor my phone bill online and I must get an infra red port soon.

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