Stop Smoking NowIn New Zealand …

Stop Smoking Now

In New Zealand the price of cigarettes are forced up by a law that says they must increase with the consumer price index. There have been reports in the newspapers lately claiming that children in poorer families are going without food, as the price of cigarettes becomes more of a burden for families on low incomes.

Here in Ireland cigarettes have come under attack too. The price has been increased and now sits somewhere around 5 Euro for 20 (I think). Smoking will be banned in restaurants and pubs on January 1st next year and it’s looking good for the 75% of the Irish population that are non-smokers. I for one can’t wait to go into a night club and not come away reaking of smoke..

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  1. I have stopped smoking a couple of months ago and it was very difficult to stop my cigarette cravings. nicotine patches helped me a lot to quit smoking.

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