Digital camera sales clickingU …

Digital camera sales clicking

U.S. sales of digital cameras jumped more than 50 percent in 2002.

Practically all the camera shops in Cork now sell digital cameras. One shop sells only digital, and others have a wide range. After printing a few photos using a cheap inkjet printer and photopaper I’m certain that digital’s time has come. Pity about the price of printer consumables though.

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  1. hello, I am wondering whether or not you rent out digital cameras to photographers. I’m the official photographer for Limerick St. Patricks day and I need a better camera and and lens. Nikon D50 or something similar with a wide angle lens.

  2. thanks to technology evolution digital cameras became cheaper and much better. I love my camera is part of my everyday life.

  3. It’s great looking back at older posts like this one. At least we’ve read the writer’s perspective on the advent of digital technology. The line “I’m certain that digital’s time has come” very much reflects reality in 2003. At present, i can say, digital things have invaded the whole planet, especially when it comes to cameras.

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