I found something annoying in …

I found something annoying in my new install of Red Hat 8. I use keyboard shortcuts a lot, and I use CTRL 1,2,3 and 4 to switch virtual desktops. Unfortunately when I do, the application on each desktop with the focus (sometimes) doesn’t accept keyboard input and I have to either switch back and forth between desktops or ALT-TAB between windows a few times to fix it. I asked the ILUG for help and Stephane Dudzinski answered quickly confirming the problem. It’s a fault with Gnome2, and not just Red Hat 8.
This post from seems to suggest the problem is harder to fix than it might be because of the number of ways the Panel can be used.
I’ll continue to use Gnome, I actually prefer Nautilaus at the moment to Konqueror, and I’ve gone back to double-clicking again.

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