I presume you've all heard of …

I presume you’ve all heard of the terrorist attacks in Bali? A woman was on the radio this morning, her daughter and her friend are out there. They’re nurses, and were supposed to go to that nightclub. Luckily they stayed in their hotel, but she described to her mother how she felt the earth shake, heard a huge boom and saw a bright flash as the car bombs went off.
The two friends helped all day yesterday in the hospital tending to the sick, but they lack simple things like antibiotics and pain killers. She rang her mother this morning and told her she’d was on her way home, the airlines were flying anyone who wanted (and I presume had tickets) out, so the two girls are returning home.

My sister travelled extensively in that region up until a month ago. If this had happened then, I might be retelling a very different story today.
God help them.

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