Our trip to Gugan Barra, 15th …

Our trip to Gugan Barra, 15th September 2002 – More pics from the new camera. These reduced resolution pictures really don’t do the camera justice! I’m getting a few of these printed!

The above gallery was created with The GIMP Gallery, a nice plugin to the Gimp which’ll create your gallery and allow you to manipulate the images as you go. BINS was recommended to me by someone on but I got tired of installing Perl modules (yes, yes, that’s what CPAN is for.. blah!) and didn’t bother trying to track down the Undefined subroutine &main::bsd_glob error that came up when I ran it. This may be how to fix it.

Last week I started monitoring what each MySQL process on our server is doing, wether it’s sleeping or running. Results are startling. Most processes are sleeping! In timely manner, Jeremy Zawodny was looking at the same problem, although his was a more pressing need (our server is still lightly loaded). He explains how to reduce the load by using wait_timeout and thread_cache_size so I must try that in the next few days.
phplib docs on db connections.
faqts.com on db connections.
RedHat docs on same.
Jeremy didn’t have a need to modify the wait_timeout way back in January..

Here’s a rather interesting weblog..

Jeremy pointed at this yahoo story about 9/11 and American patriatism.

The science behind the Mexican Wave.

I had forgotten that Karlin had a weblog. She has a comment on media reporting of 9/11, as does an Irishwoman directly affected by the event.

I may install gnome2 to install Straw, a “Desktop news aggregation for GNOME.”

Marketing people: Trust-based Advertising.

OpenSSL/Apache worm. “Linux Slapper” they call it. I wonder do they know slapper has a certain other meaning in Ireland.. heh

There’s a privacy hole in Mozilla!

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