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  1. dear person who owns this website if you say your involved in time travel i believe you have to relay in absoutely secerecey as to so is the nature of your website for a while i have been trying to find basic cop on of delll as to what some websites reallly mean through all the nonsense i’ve been lucky in some regards as ihave found that the instutional crap of some websites so courgned up by the insitution and political corrrectness of dell that some things are just not possible through the some of this decades only to a degree of some narrowmindnes unable to see beyond black and white are only the basic insition doctrine iamn’t crazy but i am fed up of the same line of sjite comming from some people scorn new ideas i believe that time travel not only is possible but has indeed already has been thought up of and his hidden from the pulibics domain and it is only a mattter of time before it is found out i would any emails from you sorry for swearing i am going to tell you a tale a dream i dreamed from the future.i was in bed on a weekend morning i saw my local shopping centre stillorgan co dublin what was werid about it it looked diffferent but itwas in a diffferent and futeristic design there was talk of it being knocked down aand rebuid so it must have been next i went looking for my house to find the whole street had been rebuild as huge individual apartments with severel apartments inside each individual buliding i could hear a voice from one of the futuristic sounding brodcasting radio tv machines saying it was theb twenty twenties then a few years later i dreamed renault had made flying cars and had convereted some of them into time travelling cars people are watching me so iwill have to leave it at that ps i know you know what i know and that iam under freedom courtailment INSITION my
    adress is 3X convent road dunlaoghre co dublin and my ph number is 2XX0814 michael owens

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