Hectic weekend. Mel and Sharon …

Hectic weekend. Mel and Sharon got married and so did Dave and Claire. I wanted to go to both obviously but it turned out to be very difficult to motivate ourselves to drive 20 miles after enjoying the after-wedding meal and chat. I hope Dave and Claire don’t mind too much. 🙁
Thank you Sharon for mentioning me in your speech, it means a lot! *hug*
The night went really well, I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in a long time. Martina was absolutely gorgeous of course! Heads were fairly sore yesterday and didn’t do much at all though.

Both couples are off in Cyprus for the week. They chose the same country to honey moon in, both ladies wore the same engagement ring, and both had the same little bit of poetry on their booklet/invitation! Oh, and they both got engaged around the same time last year!

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