DemoNix may be moving shortly. …

DemoNix may be moving shortly. More news before it happens!
Bladeenc will be released in source form! It will be distributed under the LGPL. No news as to a release date at this time. The next version will hopefully have (among other features), STDIN/STDOUT support which will be very handy for all you script writers!
Check out Unload to turn your desktop into a MAC! It works quite well. Worth looking at!
New version of install-mail coming soon, as well as a page for it.
There’s been a plethora of music scene related tools coming out recently. There’s the GTK+ mod player mentioned in the last update as well as several other trackers and players appearing on freshmeat. Make sure your demo scene friends know about all these apps coming out!
I stumbled across the Triad homepage yesterday where I found two new demos by Triad for the C64! One is all about the Spice Girls while the other one looks _very_ similar to another demo, Red Storm, released by them a few years ago. Nice to see they’re still working on, and releasing C64 productions in 1998!
In preperation for the shutdown of Hornet, the PC Demo Fan Club has moved to a whole new site. No new demos mentioned though.

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