I found a few things of intere …

I found a few things of interest on freshmeat today.
First off is FxEngine which is a graphics lib for the 3dfx using 3dfx glide. It originally appeared on Win32 but a slightly earlier version was ported to Linux. So, if you want to do a 3dfx demo in win32 and Linux then this may be the answer.
The screenshots are impressive on the homepage although if the fps in them is true I wonder if it’s slow..
A new release of Prometheus Truecolour is out too. Supposedly it has a ton of new changes so get it if you’re interested in this!
On a final note, I installed Quake2 on a friends’ Linux box tonight. The 3dfx mini-port was ported from Windows95 and the game now flies. I was amazed at how fast it was on a P133. I remember it had been impressive before, but now.. *phew*

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