A bit late with this update. T …

A bit late with this update. The Babylon Project was featured on Slashdot a while back. It has an ambitious aim, it “aims to become a standard development platform for Computer Games (and possibly other software in the future) allowing the developer to make one executable that can run on any x86 based microprocessor, regardless of operating system (thus freeing the developer to concentrate on developing the GAME, and not having to worry about platform specific problems).”

They’re going to use Linux as a base OS, one reason being is the availability of the OS on many different architectures. It seems they hope to use the idea of booting Linux to play games using some Linux loader (loadlin?). This would have worked in the days of DOS but nowadays people expect things to work by just clicking..
Several new versions of PTC came out in the last while. Check them out at the link below somewhere.
My machine isn’t so out of date anymore! I now have a P200MMX chip, 64 megs of ram, 13 gigs of space (heh.. gotta try out Suse and BeOS again!) and I invested in a tv tuner which unfortunetly doesn’t work very well with my S3 chip in X 🙁
‘Course, some friends have PII 400s and masses of ram and lots of other stuff, but then, they’re running an MS OS 😉
A note to all you Irish guys! There may be a Quake meet in Dublin on the 19th of the month (next week!) I want to be there, will you? email me about it!
It appears that a large minority of you would like some help in demo coding.. Anyone interested in a series on coding in X? My aim will be portability, and I might veer off to weird stuff like networked demos and the like.. I’ll be thinking about it. It might require a whole new site though!
I was just checking through The Linux Scenezone when I stumbled across the Optimum homepage. Unfortunetly it’s in French but it has a nice bit of Javascript that makes some circling balls follow the mouse around the browser.. *cool* IMO 🙂 Besides that the page has tiny fonts 🙁 One more thing to note is they host the Linux DemoScene Ring. I joined. If you have a Linux demoscene related site why not join too?

**Late News**
It seems like the Babylon project had to rename itself because the name was being used already. It’ll now be called the Babel project and can be found at http://celsius-software.hypermart.net/babel

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