Typical. I download some plugi …

Typical. I download some plugins for Photoshop and I can’t get them to work, but they install into GIMP “user filter” without a problem! Take a look at this plugin at the GIMP registry, it’s quite useful.
After 2 weeks of using Photoshop to create simple logos and doing a bit of artwork I still prefer the GIMP. If the GIMP had a decent font selector and perhaps file selectors had beem added to plugins to choose textures and background images it would easily beat Photoshop for ease of use. The most annoying thing about Photoshop is the lack of multiple undo. There’s only one level of undo! That’s very frustrating!
Q. How many levels of undo does GIMP have?
A. How many do you want?.. *grrr*

I upgraded my machine recently to a P200MMX and added another 16 megs of RAM (48 megs now.) and the improvement is great! UAE, the Amiga emulator runs games better than ever (Xenon2 has such a cool sound track doesn’t it?). I watched an old Ozone demo, Awareness of Reality, in Vice, the C64 emulator and I grew all nostalgic reading the scrollies I wrote 4 years ago. AOR was written in assembly back then, but now I might try my hand at writing a small Java applet that can be viewed in a browser. What I would like to do is have some classical demo effects, along with some low colour bitmaps (The C64 had quite a cool palette you know?) and a few scrollies around the place. Hmm.. has anyone done DYCPs in Java? I never got around to coding one of those.. Hey Maduplec! Give me a hand? πŸ™‚
Whenever I get that released, it will of course come with source code, just like on the C64. (well, anyone could look at a demo in the language it was coded in on the C64… ASM! πŸ™‚
Sorry for the lack of updates, work has been very busy, but it’s great! I’m even writing Perl stuff in Win95!
Have a look at the results of the quizlet on the right. For about 2 weeks the results of the poll were headed towards X but then GGI took a leap forward! Perhaps lots of sceners stumbled across the page?
BTW – the best text editor I’ve come across for Win95 is EmEditor. Take a look for it on windows95.com. It’s fast to load, simple looking but has multiple undo and search & replace. Just copy over notepad.exe πŸ˜‰
So, was I the only one who didn’t watch the world cup final? πŸ˜‰
Did you enjoy the Tour de France as it passed through Ireland? Lots of businesses closed down for the day, and besides, the traffic restrictions would have made it impossible for many to goto work!

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