It takes a lot of time and effort to maintain and develop the WordPress plugins on this site. Free software is all about the sharing of freely available source code and the Internet wouldn’t be what it is today without it.

Unfortunately it’s also quite a tough and demanding job. If you’d like to contribute something back, or you just want to show your appreciation say hi to me on Twitter!
No, all joking aside, it really encourages me when I get that notification email about a new donation. Someone has actually taken the time to really consider the value of my work. Blows my mind it does.

Donating is really easy (“of course it would be”, I hear you cry!):

  • First of all, you could send me an Amazon gift card because I love reading and playing games (and I can buy a surprise for my wife. Ssssshh, don’t tell her!). You’ll need my email address. It’s “”.
  • There’s also my Amazon Wishlist.
  • Or finally, there’s my PayPal donation page.

Thanks, and I hope my plugins make your blog better, faster and more popular!

Thanks to

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