If you’re seeing this page it’s probably because I sent you here to download the development version of WP Super Cache. If I asked you to download this then I’m quite confident that it won’t do anything bad to your server but I can’t guarantee it.

This is a zip file containing the bleeding edge code I’m working on. That does mean it might be unstable. It might crash your server. But it probably won’t. It might even fix the bug you’re experiencing.

What you will find here is code that I’m working on, that possibly fixes bugs mentioned in the forum and that may have new features.

Download: master.zip from Github.
Changelog: Recent changes on Github are here and there’s a changelog from WordPress.org too.
Source: Github master.

To install the development version:

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Unzip it. It should create a wp-super-cache-master directory.
  3. Locate the wp-super-cache directory on your server. It’s likely to be wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/
  4. Using FTP, rsync or whatever way you like, upload the files in the wp-super-cache-master directory to the wp-super-cache directory on your server. You must overwrite all the files in that directory and sub directories.

You will need to uninstall the plugin and install it again from the plugin homepage if you want to go back to the current release. Or you can download the zip file for the current release and install it in the same way as described above.

The version number will stay the same and when a new version of the plugin comes out you’ll be notified as normal by WordPress of an update.

PS. I ask you to help me by trying out this development code because I can’t test every type of WordPress hosting. I need your help to make this plugin better. You don’t need to be a developer to install this. I may ask you to use the plugin debug log too. Don’t worry, it’s fairly easy to figure out.

If you have been asked to provide further information about your site please use the contact form below. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to help everyone individually, so the support forums are always the first place you should go for help.

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