Smarty : Template Engine

Yes! Finally Smarty 8.0 has been released! This release has an ASP/JSP/Java/Python/C# code interpretor and lots of other enhancements! Pity the upgrade instructions were lost when the author’s modem died. Anyone tried it? hehe.

PHP – Smart Template

The Smart Template Engine at SmartPHP looks impressive. It uses more traditional templating conventions than Smarty (ie. begin … end) which is *much* simpler for non-techies to understand. This is one library I’m going to keep an eye on. I wonder how hard it’d be to support both in b2-smarty […]



Via the webdev list, SWIG and PHP4. Someone asked if you could interface PHP code to a C++ API. Looks like this could be a winner!


PHP, MVC – continued

I’ve thought about this for a while after posting my previous attempt at using MVC to design a registration form. So far, I’ve removed the need for the fields array, and simply used the Smarty “include” function to include html code for text boxes and checkboxes. I also changed the […]


Using Smarty to implement the MVC design pattern in PHP

Here’s my first go trying to create a registration page using the Model View Controller design. Before you delve into the code, here’s some background not included in the code: You’ll need to know something about Smarty before reading this. Their crash course is useful for this. Here’s a Google […]


The golden benefits of C'ing your PHP

John did more work on his PHP extensions. I find research into performance tuning and benchmarking fascinating. By using the C version of one of his PHP functions John gained a 75% increase in speed! Excellent! John, can you try both PHP code and C code with PHP Accelerator or […]


PHP Everywhere: To C or not to C, that is the question

John benchmarked a C PHP extension versus native PHP code and discovered the speed-up wasn’t that great and I have to agree, not worth the restrictions not coding in PHP provides. At work, we’ve thought of moving code into a C extension lots of times but this proves it’s not […]


A Look at PHP5

Here’s a review of the upcoming PHP5. *Loads* of new stuff and it’s going to practically be a whole new language to learn. I can’t wait to start working with the new OO features it’ll have. It should make implementing patterns much easier. I wonder what effect it will have […]

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