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Cherry Blossom Girl – C64 rip off?

Has anyone else beside myself and Proinnsias noticed that the beginning of Cherry Blossom Girl by Air sound very like a famous C64 tune? I don’t think so, as even Google hasn’t been very helpful!

Ah.. no wonder, it’s the radio mix, not the album version. I am trying desperately to remember what C64 game it came from.. It’s on the tip of my tongue but just out of reach!
Any C64 fans care to help? Listen to the radio remix of the tune. The first 3-5 seconds or so sound very synthy with the ping, ping, ping sound.


CD Wow Backs down

As previously reported here, IRMA sued CD Wow to stop them importing cheap music CDs into Ireland. This morning on the radio I heard that sad news that CD Wow have basically given up and they will add €3 to the price of every music CD bought by someone resident in Ireland. The Register has an update on that as it’s not available on yet. A representative of CD Wow UK spoke on Radio 1 this morning and was quizzed about the size of the Irish market to which he dithered and was very uncomfortable answering. In the end he admitted that in the context of a global market, Ireland is small fry (my words, not his!) and he hoped a consumer group would do their fighting for them.
Of course, by the looks of things, they have enough trouble in the UK, and Germany without causing a fuss in Ireland too.
The news prompted a length discussion on the ILUG this afternoon, even branching into how generous music performers are with their music.
Ah sure, it doesn’t bother Internet users, don’t we all download our music illegally anyway?


Irish Live Music

Live music is great, and The Coal Quay Bar is a relatively new bar here in Cork that has bands in on a regular basis. Last Sunday Limerick band the willful played there and were great! So, while Veron and her friends sang along to the band some guy in a baseball cap played air guitar to his own private audience of the whole pub as he persisted in jumping around in front of the band! Ah yes, fear the designated driver who has a blog! 🙂
Despite the fact that they come from Kilkenny, another band, UP 4 it are well worth going to see. They play a lot of rock and metal and have a brilliant medley of rock and metal intros that’ll get everyone going! I just wish they hadn’t come over to our table with that microphone.. *cough* *cough*
Another band I saw a long time ago and in another life is Big Generator who have been around a while and again are worth seeing.
A post like this would never be complete without mentioning the excellent, and popular, and talented (cheque’s in the post Owen?) The King of Hearts Band. Owen, Adrian and the other guys will be playing next Sunday night in the Coal Quay Bar and I’ll be in there, so make yer way in if you’re around!
(Thanks Owen for the links!)


Run iPod! Run!

The Rio Karma looks like an impressive personal music player! This lengthy review goes into quite a lot of detail, including the suggestion that, “it bests the iRiver and the iPod [on sound quality], but is about on par with the Zen” which is high praise indeed!
I like the fact that they included an ethernet port too. Simply plug the device into your network and you’ve got a ready made mp3 server with all your favourite music available through your nice expensive computer sound system!
Hmm, pity I can’t afford either it or an iPod.


IRMA sue CD WOW – illegal grey imports!

Sean Murtagh, head of operations at the Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA), and Jonathan Jones of CD WOW debate the legality of CD WOW’s operation in this radio recording. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it this morning, but the crux of the argument is that CD WOW is bringing grey imports into Europe from Hong Kong. IRMA says that their retail members are suffering because of the unfair and illegal advantage CD WOW have by operating out of a territory with lower costs.
I don’t know how they’ll sue. CD WOW are based in Hong Kong, IRMA is in Ireland. Guess their executives better not visit Europe any time soon!
A new report on housing in Ireland is out. It speculates that house prices won’t increase like they used to because of higher interest rates and a slow economy but we’ve heard that before. I can’t say if it’ll happen but I’m in the process of buying a house myself and, well, fingers crossed I’ll have an announcement here in a few weeks time!


Norah Jones – downloadable live music

You can download mp3s of live performances off the Norah Jones website. Should make for good listening in the car this weekend!
I was thinking of buying her CD, but this clinches it. I’m buying next weekend! (via Keith)

Humour Music

Johnny Cash gives the "Nashvil …

Johnny Cash gives the “Nashville music establishment” the finger!

Johnny Cash gives the finger