Bill Biggart's Final Moments

It was two weeks after two jetliners had plowed into the towers of the World Trade Center. His good friend, photojournalist Bill Biggart’s body had been recovered from the rubble. His personal effects, including his cameras had been released by authorities to his widow, Wendy.
Some of his images are amazing and all the more real to me today as I spent a few days in New York last August.. He was really very close to the buildings.
(Via Ryan)

One thought on “Bill Biggart's Final Moments

  1. Hi Donncha,

    First I should say that your weblog site is beautiful,
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    I have a goggle alert set for "Bill Biggart", your blog
    site came to me thru that alert setting.

    My name is Mark Roddenberry, I'm a professional
    photographer. On Sept.11th I shared a photo studio
    eight blocks north of the World Trade Center site. I
    shot several hundred images on both the 11th and the 13th.
    One of the images I took that day was used in FEMA's "World
    Trade Center Building Performance Study".

    The image published is in Chpt.5, pgs.5-17 and 5-18. At
    the point that image was shot, Bill Biggart had entered
    the plaza area approximately 100 yards ahead of me.

    There are several unbelievable pictures that he took in
    that study and it's a pdf document that you can download

    If you'd like to other images I shot you can do
    so at None of the
    images are of the unspeakable one might imagine.

    Your weblog is an encouragement to me,

    Remembering may be dificult but it is surely important.

    Mark Roddenberry

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