I should have made more of my …

I should have made more of my project during my last update, so here goes the blatant-advert for it: My project is a web based time-sheet program running on Linux with Apache and MySQL. Users on the system can enter details of jobs done including cost, duration, date, and customer. […]


Demo of my project available a …

Demo of my project available at the TSN link to the left. Docs are available on the page. Clanlib v0.13 has been released. This is a multi-platform game development library. According to their site, the same source code can be used to compile on Win32 and Linux. Check their […]


Small update this time. I'd l …

Small update this time. I’d like to write more but there’s too much to do. I updated the projects page with a new version of my openGL demo. It’s probably close to what the final version will be like. The deadline for the assignment is next Friday so final version […]


Important If, over the past fe …

Important If, over the past few days you have received an email from and if you know me and it appears out-of-character for me, or if you don’t know me and receive an abusive email please forward it to me. I logged into my Hotmail account today and found […]


So busy these days.. Perl and …

So busy these days.. Perl and Javascript are cool languages to work with and the project is almost finished. If you have a look at the coding link you’ll find a program called vbe-1.0.tar.gz which gives access to the framebuffer of VESA2.0 video cards. I remember someone posting a message […]


Updates on .plan, coding and p …

Updates on .plan, coding and projects pages. Also new colours, not sure if I like them though.. Click on the following link to read about my attempts to convert people to Linux!(We were bored in the labs, and that camera was too tempting 😉 (content pasted here) So there we […]


Voodoo2 is a chipset I'd like …

Voodoo2 is a chipset I’d like to see running Quake2 someday and according to there’s a page at that has a patch to let Linux glide apps use the Voodoo2! I can’t comment further because the site was down when I tried it tonight. (contacting host…)


Mozilla. Netscape released the …

Mozilla. Netscape released the source code! Check out for more info! Gravis. According to Gravis will release ALL GUS (Ace/Max/PnP/Extreme) driver sources within a few weeks. They will be available to every programmer who’s interrested in working on them and agrees to certain terms. One thing though.. Why […]


For the next month or so I'm …

For the next month or so I’m going to be working hard on my college project so updates may not happen that often, maybe once a week (keep an eye on web watcher). I’m enjoying doing the project though. I’m adding some neat features to the web interface by using […]

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