Moreover, when Enron hit the w …

Moreover, when Enron hit the wall, the Bush Administration remained mute, even knowing Enron was disintegrating. Certainly the former governor of Texas had some idea of what this would mean to his beloved state. For one thing, twenty thousand employees of Enron would be out of work, with their 401(k) plan worthless. Part 1 and Part 2
Via Dangerous Meta

Liam Lawlor faces a month in jail. I heard this morning that he’s considering retiring from politics, with a golden handshake of EUR100,000 (or that could be IR£ even!) and a handsome pension. Who wouldn’t be a politian?

Ireland beat Wales in the SIx Nations Cup. Gavin asked me if I watched the rugby match yesterday, I asked him, “what rugby match?” oh well!

Loyalists threaten Catholic postal worker in Derry. Sometimes I feel like banging my head against a wall, it might be more productive than the troubles in the North.

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