12 Replies to “AutOptimize Me!”

  1. Hello Donncha,

    I’ve been pondering with using a CDN, my question is how do the CDN options in AutOptimize & WP Super Cache fit together?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I have noticed that the admin bar is missing when I’m logged in. I hardly ever used it but that was reported on the plugin’s forum.

    This is why I never merged minification code into WP Super Cache. There are so many little things that can go wrong ..

      1. I can’t tell if it’s warm outside, a gang of ladyboys have kidnapped me and are keeping me locked up in a fridge. The fridge does, however, contain quite a few cans of Singha beer, so, it’s not all bad.

  3. Hey,

    What settings of AutoOptimize are you using? Which I need to mark (using with WP Super Cache recommended settings)?

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