Bye Bye Digg, Hello Stephen Fry!

Last week The Hibbs Lupus Trust posted a tweet thanking various people after their site was mentioned in a tweet by Stephen Fry. Lupus is a horrible condition and the Trust aims to help raise awareness of it, support sufferers and help GPs diagnose it.

Lupus causes the body’s immune system to go into overdrive and starts to attack itself. It is believed that over 50,000 people throughout the UK suffer with Lupus of whom 90% are female. The symptoms are many and varied, and the condition often seems to mimic other diseases. This gives rise to difficulty in diagnosis and the condition can be overlooked for years, unless the GP or consultant is alert to the possibility of lupus.

The Trust’s website must have experienced a torrent of traffic because Mr Fry is followed by gazillions of people and the tweet was retweeted by over 100 of his followers. The website stayed up and I’m glad that WP Super Cache played a part in helping them.

I wanted to mark the occasion of a website getting a Frying and surviving so I changed the “Digg proof” message in the plugin to “Stephen Fry Proof”. Download the development version from this page if you want a look. The link in the admin page goes to the Trust’s tweet so I hope I can play a small part in spreading the word.

Of course, just because you’re using this plugin is no guarantee that your site will survive a mention by Mr Fry or any other celebrity on Twitter (especially if your hosting is simply too limited) but With WP Super Cache at least it has a fighting chance!

BONUS: In case you didn’t see it, here’s Stephen Fry ag caint as Gaeilge (talking in Irish) as he appeared on an Irish language tv programme a while back:

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