My phone is faster than yours

If you’re using a Samsung Galaxy S or one of it’s variants then my phone may well be twice as fast or even faster than your phone! How? It’s all rather simple actually.

First of all, I downloaded Quadrant Standard from the Android market. This is a benchmarking app that you can use to find out how fast your phone is. Run a benchmark and note the performance figure for your phone. Now, go look for “One Click Lag Fix” in the market and install that too.

This little app will root your phone, and install a new ext2 partition on your phone. The default Galaxy S filesystem isn’t that hot at running apps. The new partition will be used to store cache data, and because ext2 is supposedly better at caching your apps will load faster, and you’ll experience less or no lag when opening them. That was my experience with it anyway. This will help your phone’s performance significantly.

In recent updates to OCLF two new options were added, “Alter Minfree”, and “Change Scheduler”. Adjusting these will make a huge difference to your phone. Each one is explained briefly, with a recommended setting. I followed that advice and it’s like my phone is on steroids now! Apps open faster than ever and I’m just waiting for it to dance a jig it’s so fast and responsive.

Please be aware that running OCLF means rooting your phone and invalidating your warranty. You may brick your phone. That means it won’t work any more and can’t be fixed. It more than likely won’t happen and I haven’t read about it happening but you should be aware of the risks involved.

Bonus tip: If you’re running Linux on your desktop computer, the scheduler can be changed on that too. Must give that a go some time.

14 thoughts on “My phone is faster than yours

      1. Opps, sorry I don’t know how I didn’t see the several mentions of the model..

        How do you find the phone in general, do you recommend it? Worth the buy, battery life etc?

        1. It’s a brilliant phone, and definitely worth buying. It’s got a beautiful screen plus indestructible Gorilla Glass, swype support bundled (Google for “swype”, amazing input method) and a 1Ghz CPU. Love it and heartily recommend it.

          Battery life is as bad as any other smart phone but I posted battery saving tips a while back. The best tip being, install juice defender. With it you can turn off 3G when the phone is locked, and it’ll turn it on again periodically to check for updates.

          1. Cool, thanks for the info! I have a Nokia E72 at the moment, excellent phone, but I’ve been tempted about joining the Android buzz and in general, the touch screen era, but battery life has always been a crutch – for work I actually carry 2 spare batteries which conveniently fit into my jean… pocket.. nice and neat. Are Samsung Galaxy S batteries user replaceable? What sort of battery life, on average, do you get, on a general usage day?

          2. If you’re using the Internet all the time you’ll get several hours but switch off 3g and even wifi and it’ll last all day. Switch them on again (with juice defender for example) when you need them.

            If you’re out and about all day checking email, tweets etc every 10 minutes you’ll probably want a spare battery.

          3. Woa… It’s disappointing they’ve brought phone technology this far, but still skimp on the must basic requirement to operate them – power! Hopefully they’ll slow down the power hungriness and focus on allowing you to enjoy using the gear!

            The battery life might be a little too short for my liking – I’ll have to mull over it – the phone is really tempting, but I have to be accessible at all times so it’s important to have some battery life, without being burdened with a kilo worth of batteries 🙂

            I don’t mind manually engaging content so the juice defender might not be a bad avenue.

  1. I just got it rooted tonight, I’m getting a score of 2225 now. Originally I was getting lower than what the Samsung Galaxy S is stated for in the graphic above.. a very impressive jump indeed!

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