Google does hotel reviews now?

A couple of days ago my wife and I discussed our next holiday and she was quite taken with the idea of going to a particular hotel. I searched for the hotel and when I discovered that Google showed hotel reviews linked right from the search page I had to write about it.
After I had written the post I realised that someone might ring up the hotel and if they were feeling nasty or malicious they might cancel the holiday. Therefore, I’ll use the Radisson SAS in Limerick, an excellent hotel we stayed in a few months ago thanks to SuperValu Breaks.

So, search for the Radisson on Google.


Clicking on the reviews link takes you here:


I can only echo the good reviews. It’s a 4 star hotel, but book through SuperValu and you’ll get a big discount! (with the appropriate book of stamps of course)

Richard knows more about this sort of thing than I and he blogged about it 2 days ago. Looks like a good change for Irish businesses!

BTW, the break away is booked, the hotel is child friendly, we’re looking forward to it already!

PS. Richard has a post on Google’s local search which is definitely worth a read.

2 thoughts on “Google does hotel reviews now?

  1. That is actually really cool! I’ll have to keep an eye out for those. Of course, I wonder how that will impact other social oriented review sites like Yelp and stuff?

    I assume Google will eventually start prioritizing their own reviews above others in the search results as well…

    John P.

  2. The integration of the one box for search will start to have an impact on these bricks and mortar type companies. Now there is the possibility to have up to 10 listings ahead of the 1st result, which will result in less traffic for the traditional ranked sites. I did see (and blogged about it) that there is some SPAM in the Regional Serach, check out [cork car hire] for example.


    P.S. enjoy the break !

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